New Year Resolutions For Children

The tradition of making new year resolutions on the new year’s eve is an age old custom dating back to the Babylonian era where people vowed to follow a new set of changes in their lives.

New year resolution for children attempts at inflicting a change in the child’s attitude and behavior. Parents have to shoulder a bigger responsibility in guiding the children in the right path. With the changes of time, different problems seem to arise in raising the kids towards a healthy life, most importantly being the ill effects of media and fast foods.

New year resolution for kids is just about teaching the basics of being more organized, punctual and disciplined in life. Parents should try to inculcate a sense of cleanliness like brushing his/ her teeth twice daily, helping him to clean up his/ her room and encouraging the child to participate in different sports activities.

The little one’s in your home surely deserves lot more care and attention. New year resolution for infants is virtually about creating an environment of fun and enjoyment in the house. Both parents should try to devote more time to the kid and generate a friendly atmosphere at home.

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New year resolution for toddlers in the age group of 0- 3 years calls for teaching wide variety of learning activities and having interactive sessions with the child. Just try out these famous new year resolutions propagated by youngsters all over the world–

  • To do good in studies.
  • To do home works regularly.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Stop intake of alcohol.
  • Take active part in school’s sports activities.
  • Clean your room regularly.
  • Help your mother in the daily house hold chores.
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These sure shots are definitely going to bring about a great change in your lives. So, practice these duties everyday and feel better with each passing day.


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